Restitutions under the law

The Law of the Innocents, 21st Century


The hope enshrined in this law is to advance human civilization to a more humane, just and non-violent future.  This law aims to be restorative to both victims and offenders.

Offenders should make restitution to the innocent victims of their crimes under this law;

Offenders should make restitution to the Earth for damage and harm done to her through their breaches of this law;

Offenders should make restitutions to procure a better future for the generations to come and for the future welfare of the Earth;

Offenders should seek to develop in themselves the higher, more noble and more worthy qualities and traits of humanity such as kindness, compassion, and empathy;  to restore themselves to the respect and positive regard of their fellow human beings;  and to restore themselves to greater self-respect, decency and dignity.

Restitutions to Human Innocents might include:

Making practical and financial compensation to victims (including individuals, groups, nations, and states); And rebuilding or restoring damaged buildings, towns, cities and infrastructure of all kinds;

Giving adequate funds to charities and relief agencies involved in the rehabilitation of victims (including individuals, groups, nations and states);

Attending at truth, reconciliation, restitution and peace conferences;

Offender States and/or Armies should provide necessary and clinically prescribed medical and/or psychological treatment and support to combatants and others who are physically, emotionally or psychologically injured or traumatized by engagement in military activity under the offender’s instructions.  All such individuals should have the right to and be facilitated in recovery from physical, emotional and psychological injury and trauma as well as moral injury caused by being instructed or forced to participate in lethal military engagement.

Restitutions to the Earth might include:

Establishing a National Park;

Rewilding some of the offender’s land;

Restoring damaged habitats and ecosystems to full health;

Making adequate contributions to environmental projects.

Restitutions to the Future might include:

Striving to advance our humanity to the higher principles of compassion, kindness and empathy;

Striving to protect the Earth and all of her ecosystems and living creatures from harms of all kinds;

Striving to keep the Earth healthy for the future, for the sake of humanity but also for the Earth’s own sake;

Investing in the future, that is, the future health and wellbeing of the whole of humanity and of the Earth, through careful planning, through adequate funding and through intellectual and scientific endeavour.

Establishing a National Centre for the Study of Peace; Peace Studies Programmes at all levels of the offender’s Education System; and an official Government Department of Peace in the offender’s country.