A message to future generations

The Law of the Innocents, 21st Century


We are writing this new law at a time when there are at least 110 armed conflicts happening across our planet.  We believe there is a very real risk that one of these wars will spill over into nuclear war.  What we call the military industrial complex is growing ever-more powerful.  Around the world, governments seem more-and-more out of touch with their people and many of us feel we can no longer rely on journalism for the truth.  Right now, the Earth herself is dealing with the challenges of climate change, loss of biodiversity, destruction of her ecosystems in her air, soil and water, and the problems associated with dangerous and artificial chemicals including persistent organic pollutants.  We do not know the future.  But we are worried.  We are worried for you and for the planet that we hold in trust for you.

We want you to know that we, the signatories and subscribers to Lex Innocentium, 21st Century, among others, cared about you and about our beautiful Planet Earth.  We want you to know that, in writing our people’s law, we tried to protect you.  We hope that you are healthy and well and that you have all you need.  We hope that the Earth is healthy and thriving.  We hope that you love her as much as we, the signatories and subscribers to this law, do now. 

Do not succumb to the efforts of vested interests in the war system or of irresponsible and untruthful journalism to make you afraid of each other, to demonize and to blame each other, to hate each other, and not to trust each other.  Do not become cannon fodder for the military industrial complex.  Be aware that the war system needs the ‘fear-funding cycle’ to justify itself and to maintain itself.  They have brought us to the unfortunate situation in which we find ourselves today. 

You are now the guardians of our planet and of each other.  You must work together, as one humanity, for the welfare of all of humanity and to keep healthy and safe your planet, the planet you now hold in trust for the people who will come after you. 

We know that peace is not the absence of conflict.  It is the ability to cope with conflict by peaceful means.  There will always be differences, disagreements and conflict.  We hope that, in your time, you have constructive and peaceful methods of conflict-resolution that do not result in the horrors of war and the destruction of our beautiful planet and all her living creatures.

You are our children, the children of humanity, the children of the Earth.  We leave you this law, as a gesture of our love and of our care for you and for the Earth. 

From all of us,
The signatories and subscribers
Lex Innocentium, 21st Century
21st September 2024
International Peace Day
Birr, Co. Offaly, and Redwood Castle, Co. Tipperary