Penalties under the law

The Law of the Innocents, 21st Century


In keeping with adherence to the peaceful resolution of conflict and our commitment to non-violence, we, as sad but tender witnesses to crimes committed against the Innocent, the Earth and the Future, rely on non-violent and self-reflective penalties for breaches of this law.  States, Governments, Arms Manufacturers and Dealers, Armies, and Individuals in breach of this law

Will suffer the disapproval of their fellow human beings;

Will suffer the shame their fellow human beings feel because of their behaviour;

Will suffer dishonour among their fellow human beings;

Will suffer the pity of their fellow human beings for their lack of compassion, kindness and empathy;

Will be remembered by future generations for their behaviours in breach of this law and their crimes against Humanity, against the Earth and against the Future;

Will suffer their own remorse and regret on realizing the harm they have caused in breaking this law;

Will suffer the knowledge and memory of the pain and suffering they have caused to their victims;

Will suffer the pain, sorrow, regret and tragedy of being unable to undo what they have done in their breaches of this law – the harm they have caused to individuals, humanity as a whole and the Earth.

Depending on the case, it might be decided by the signatories and subscribers to this law that a campaign of boycott or other non-violent sanctions is a warranted and justifiable penalty.  Signatories and subscribers might also organize a campaign of letter writing, emails, letters to the press, protests and/or other means of expressing their concerns, as the case might warrant.  In all other respects we leave those in breach of international laws to answer to the international community and international agencies such as the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.